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Frederic Sanders | Switch21Frederic Sanders (1974) is founder and director of Switch21. Previously he was advisor and researcher at the Dutch Research Institute for Transitions (DRIFT) in Rotterdam, where he developed and facilitated transition training programs for many local and national organizations, e.g. Port Authority Rotterdam, Dutch municipalities and provinces, a national CSR ngo, and a regional social services provider. He worked together with professor Jan Rotmans, one of the founders of transition studies and professor Derk Loorbach, director of DRIFT, who has developed the idea of transition management.

Frederic has been involved in sustainability and transition issues for many years. In 2007 he was one of the authors of the first sustainability report of an Indian financial institution. In 2008, together with an Indian business partner, he founded a company that developed the prize winning Hampi Natural Design Tableware: disposable dinner plates for high end catering, completely made from natural materials. After selling the company in 2012, Frederic worked briefly as an independent sustainability professional before joining DRIFT as an advisor.

His first-hand experience with the dilemmas faced by entrepreneurs and managers, ensures a challenging and realistic Switch21 curriculum. The combination of scientific transition knowledge and a pragmatic approach leads to fascinating and effective workshops, generating value far in excess of the initial investment. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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