What is Switch21

Attuned to Change

Society, the economy, and the ecosystems we depend on have become incredibly complex. There are countless interdependencies, many of which we are not even aware of. It is clear, however, that a fundamental change is necessary in the way we think, do and organize.

Technological breakthroughs, social innovation and a changing climate demand our attention. Disruptions are the new normal. The challenge is to keep an eye out for opportunities, and to be sensitive to changing risk environments.

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Switch21 facilitates organizations in formulating responses to questions like:

  • How prepared is my organization for disruption?
  • How can I achieve better alignment between innovation goals and sustainability objectives?
  • Am I making progress, or am I mistaking activity for achievement?
  • Am I approaching innovation in the right way?
  • How can I harness the innovation potential within my organization and stay abreast of relevant external developments?

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Analysis & Interpretation

Are you ready for what is ahead of you? Are you spending your energy and resources on the right things or do you lose precious time perfecting processes that might be obsolete by this time next year?

Switch21 enables organizations to analyze and navigate relevant transitions, develop a strategic perspective and formulate strategies to address transition challenges.

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Strategy & SustainabilityIcon Strategy

A changing risk environment and unpredictable market developments requires unconventional strategies. Confidence in transition is necessary for organizations when facing disruptive technological, ecological and societal challenges.

Switch21 training programs enable organizations to harness their innovation potential and effectively focus their efforts towards their main strategic challenges.

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