Training Program

Comprehensive Training & Activation program

Switch21 programs are tailored to the client’s specific transition challenge. We design each program to empower key changemakers, to build organizational confidence and to increase competitive resilience. We move the organization beyond the tipping point of change and towards new ways of thinking, acting and organizing.

Example Timeline

  • Kickoff – Establish Program Outline | 1-2 months
  • Transition Arena –  Initiate Ideation and Commitment | 2 months
  • Transition Training – Concepts, Skills and Experiments | up to 6 months
  • Activation – Building Change Networks, Accelerating Change | up to 1 year


1. Program kickoff

Duration: 1-2 months

Each Switch21 program is calibrated to the client’s specific transition challenge. Program scope, design and duration is determined to achieve maximum impact within the given parameters of the project.

  • The client assigns a Switch Team to the project, responsible for project coordination and senior level commitment.
  • Switch21 performs a Client & Context Scan, based on desk research, internal and external interviews.
  • In a joint session with Switch21 the client’s Switch Team develops a first draft of the Transition Challenge.

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2. Transition Arena

Duration: 2 months

The Transition Arena is an essential starting point for most transition projects. It is (usually) a 1-day event where experts, innovators and frontrunners come together to share insights, collaborate and co-create new and often radical visions for the client.

  • The client hosts the event for a selective group of change leaders, experts and decision makers
  • Inspiring speakers, break-out sessions and structured debates bring to light the client’s untapped innovation potential
  • Committed change makers inside and outside the client’s organization are identified and can be recruited to join the transition challenge.

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3. Transition Training

Duration: up to 6 months

Transition Training is at the core of the Switch21 program. The client selects a group of potential changemakers from across the organization. Using key transition concepts and exercises, participants develop essential transition skills, create transition pathways and bring the strategic challenge into focus.

At the end of the training, participants are able to set up change networks and experiments, accelerate change and harness untapped innovation potential within their organization.

Training modules

  • Key transition concepts
  • The changing role of government, business, costumers and other stakeholders
  • Developing a strategic perspective: how to analyse, structure, and accelerate transitions towards sustainable outcomes
  • Embracing disruption / Exponential innovation
  • Setting up transition experiments / Social learning
  • Empowerment / Mobilizing internal and external allies

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4. Activation

Duration: 12 months

The impact a team of changemakers can have is enormous. It is only limited by the extend of its creativity and the opportunity it is able to create within the organization.

During the activation period we set up a meeting rhythm to exchange insights, experiences and progress, organize follow up events, and provide support for building change networks and partnerships.

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