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Countries vs. Companies: Big Oil is bigger than Japan

Companies and countries are very different. Comparing them along simplified economic indicators like GDP and revenues is like comparing apples...

4 unexpected insights from recent Shell CEO speech about energy transition.

This week Shell CEO Ben van Beurden gave a speech at the Offshore Northern Seas convention in Stavanger, Norway. His...

The Transition Will Not Be Televised

It seems everyone, including myself, is talking about how the world is in transition. Everything is being disrupted – or...

The Risk of Switching Too Late

The Risk of Switching Too Late

There is very little doubt that large scale urban and industrial transformations are necessary if we want to move to a low-carbon economy....

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Out-of-the-box context for key industry developments. Transition analysis delivers much needed overview, reveals restrictive regime dynamics and widens your strategic perspective

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Discover untapped innovation potential, strengthen co-creation skills and gain insights on current megatrends, niche innovations and radical ideas for the future of your industry.

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Build change momentum in your organization. Participants develop a strategic transition perspective, accelerate change, harness untapped innovation potential within their organization and set up small scale transition projects.

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